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How to Create Dispersion Effect in Picsart

If you want to add a unique and visually striking element to an image, making it stand out and grab the viewer’s attention then dispersion effect helps you to give a creative look to your photos. In this detailed article we are going to lean on how to create dispersion effects in the Picsart App.

What is the Dispersion Effect?

The Dispersion effect is a technique used in photo editing to add a dramatic and dynamic touch to an image, giving the illusion that an object in the photo has been shattered into tiny pieces. Imagine capturing a moment of a person blowing a dandelion and having that person appear as if they were made out of shattered glass, scattered in the wind. This effect has been popularized in advertising, movies and music videos and it creates a sense of movement, power and drama that can take your image to the next level. With the right touch of creativity, the dispersion effect can turn an ordinary photo into an art piece.

How to Create a Dispersion Effect using Picsart?

To create a dispersion effect using Picsart photo editing mobile application follow the instructions given below.

Step 1: Open Picsart and import the image you want to edit. to Import image in the app click on the plus icon at the bottom-center of the screen when application is running.

Step 2: Select the image from the gallery you want to apply dispersion effect. Now your image is ready to edit inside the photo editor. Its time to find the dispersion tool in the Picsart App. Click on the Tools at the bottom of the screen a new window will be open as show in the image blow.

Open Image inside Picsart and Find the Dispersion Tool - Three Screenshots Included in this picture to show the process

Step 3: Click on the “Dispersion” Tool button and Select the area where you want to apply the effect (As show in the screenshot below). After making selection on the desired area click on he “Right Arrow” button at the top of the screen. You will see the magic that Dispersion effect will be applied on your photo (as show in the picture).

Select the Area and Click on Right Arrow Button then Customize the Effect

Step 4: Customize the effect by adjusting different values and applying filters.

Now you can further edit the image by adding filters, adjusting the color balance, and more by sliding the effect’s intensity to your desired level. You can also adjust the size and direction of the dispersion using the available controls.

Stretch: Using this filter you can stretch the broken parts of the images when dispersion effect is applied. Its default value is 50 but you can change it according to your taste.

Size: With this filter you can change the size of the partials parts of the image where effect is applied. This is basically distance of the broken effect from the orignal position.

Working with Directions, Fade and Blending mode

Direction: This filter helps to change the direction of the dispersion effect applied to the picture. Its default Value is 0 and you can change it to your own value. But default is best option for me.

Fade: This filter apply the fade to the effect and broken pieces of the picture to make it more natural. Its default value is also 0. you can also change it your own value.

Blending: There are many blending filters you can apply to the dispersion effect to make it more visible and creative.

Step 5: Let say you have made all the changes in your photo. Its time to save the edited photo to your mobile. Click on the “Tick mark” button at the top-right side of the screen to save the changes. The click on the “Download” button at the top-center of the screen. As you click a new panel will be open with different formats of the photos. Finally, Select the any format PNG or JPEG you in which want to save your image. Once you select your image will be saved in you mobile gallery.

Pro Tip:

It is important to note that the dispersion effect works best with images that have a clear subject and a simple background. Additionally, experimenting with different intensity levels and directions can lead to a variety of unique and interesting results.


How do you use dispersion effect in Picsart?

To Apply the dispersion effect in Picsart go to the tools and dispersion tool then make a selection to apply the effect.

Which is the App to apply dispersion effect on photos?

Picsart is the best app to create a broken effect in a photo


In conclusion, creating a dispersion effect in Picsart is a simple and easy process that can add a unique and dynamic touch to your photos. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can create a professional-looking dispersion effect with ease.

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